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Couple Shots:
Male / Female

 Sexual vitality has become a predominant headline topic worldwide to nearly every adult individual in today's world.

From young adults who aspire to perform at an optimal level to the elderly who desire the youthful energy, exuberance and passion they once harnessed, our sexual identity and self-awareness affects nearly every aspect of our day to day lives. It is essential to secure a robust perspective of one's sexual character. Not only in relation to intimacy, but more importantly to how one would express a thriving level of confidence to others. Self-confidence is an attractive trait acknowledged by all. The Couples Shot effectively equips those who utilize its benefits a higher level of confidence expressed in every aspect of their lives.

The Couples Shot can be safely employed by both male and females alike. During this newly developed medical procedure, a small sample of the patients own blood is utilized to obtain a concentrated sample of fluid called platelet rich plasma (PRP). The elevated levels of platelets in PRP causes a cascade of our bodies own inflammatory process which leads to the stimulation of stem cells. The accumulation of platelets to a desired injection site along with activated stem cells and other initiated growth factors promote optimal tissue healing and regeneration, and formation of new cellular growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma specific cells

  • Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b): promoting growth of cell matrix, bone metabolism

  • Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2): promoting cell growth and blood vessel formation

  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF): promoting cell growth and differentiation, blood vessel formation, collagen formation

  • Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF): regulates normal cell physiology

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF): Promoting blood vessel formation and development

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF): promoting blood vessel growth, tissue replication and formation

Male benefits have included*

  • Increased length and girth

  • Increased sexual stamina

  • Improved firmness of erection

  • Elevated blood flow/circulation

  • Enhanced sensation

  • Increased pleasure

  • Elevated strength level

  • Improved visual appearance

  • Improvement of urinary incontinence

Female benefits have included*

  • Improved appearance with increased vaginal skin tightness

  • Elevated sexual desire

  • Higher levels of pleasurable sensitivity

  • Improvement of urinary incontinence

Because this therapy is so upcoming, there are limited published analytical studies demonstrating PRP as a treatment with the use of PRP in this specific arena. However, patient feedback to given therapy has been more than encouraging with the majority of the patient population requesting further therapy. We will continue to collect valuable objective and subjective data on response to therapy with agreeable subjects.

*results may vary

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